The famous Abia Tower; a sight to behold in Umuahia.

Genesis of Abia

Abia state, which was one of the nine states created by the former head of state Gen. Ibrahim Badamusi Babangida on 27 th August 1991, was carved out of the then Imo state . The name ABIA is an acronym formed from the initials from the initial letters of four groups of people ABA (A’ taken) BENDE (B’ taken) ISUIKWUATO (I’ taken) and AFIIKPO (A’ taken).However, Afikpo is now in Ebonyi state, which was carved out of ABIA, and ENUGU states.

Our Geography

Abia state is located in the south eastern region of Nigeria. It lies approximately within latitude 540 and longitude 7’35. It is bounded in the north by Ebonyi state, south and south west by rivers, East and south by cross river and Akwa ibom state respectively to the west by imo state and to the North West by Enugu.The state covers an area of 762,720Sq KMs, which is approximately 5.8 percent of the nation total landmass with its capital at Umauahia and has a population of about 2,297,978 provided by the 1991 provisional population headcount.It has 17 Local government councils namely: Aba North, Aba South, Isiala Ngwa North.,Isiala Ngwa South ,Ukwa west ,Ukwa West, Obingwa ,Ikwuano ,Bende ,Arochukwu ,Ohafia,Umuahia North ,Umuahia South , Isuikwuato ,Ugwunagbo ,Osisioma and Umunneochi.

Our Culture

Abia state has a very rich cultural heritage that reflects in the people’s way of life and beautiful dance steps from Ohafia and Ngwa as well as the traditional Akwaete cloth of Ukwa East. Abia people are culturally homogenous. They have family and belief systems, festivals such as new yam festival are celebrated between the months of August and October. The time of this celebration varies from one community to the other. The new yam festival is an occasion to offer one prayers and thanks to God for a fertile land and bountiful harvest.

Occupation and Agriculture

Abia State lies within the tropical forest and savannah belts. Consequently every tropical crop thrives in the state. Farmer in the state cultivates cassava, maize, yam, banana, and variety of fruits and vegetables. Cash crops such as palm Oil, cocoa, Rubber and cashew are cultivated as well.

Tourism and Notable Landmarks

Abia State is blessed with tourism potentials. Some of the tourism center include: the National War Museum, Umuahia, Azumini Blue River in Ukwa West, the Ojukwu Bunker, The National museum of coloniel history in Aba, Ngodo and Uhuchukwu caves in Nneochi and Isuikwuato respectively, Aba foremost village and he long Juju of Arochukwu . The notable land includes the Abia Tower,Okpara Square,The Abia Watch Tower,the Abia Woman.

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