The following Community Development Service groups exist in NYSC Abia

1.Information Tech. CDS.

2.Editorial Board CDS.

3.Theatre CDS




7.Sports CDS

8.Legal Aids CDS

9.Socail Services CDS



12.Mass Literacy CDS

13.Red Cross CDS

14.Band CDS



The world is moving fast into a Global village which is fully information and communication technology driven,in this light the Infomation Technology Community Development Service (IT CDS) group Abia State chapter was established in order to empower today for a better tommorow Theatre

The CDS has contributed immersely to the ICT awearness growth level in the State. knowing fully well that the youths and children of today are the leaders of tommorrow the CDS channeled much attension and emphasis on Secondary school sensitization outings in Umuahia. Several outings were made to create the neccesary support for IT clubs in Federal Government Girls Secondary school, Old Umuahia and plans are beign made to establish same in other Government schools.

Also the CDS deploys selected members to Camp during the orientation programme to provide the neccessary IT support for a smooth registration and datacollation during the Orientation Prohramms for fellow corp members.

The Umuahia Zonal office is also on of the offices which benefits from the services of the CDS as memebers of the CDs are deployed on a daily basis to provide IT support for the great Umuahia Zonal office.

The President of the CDS fore-sees a bright future ahead strongly believing that cooperate organisations and well to do individuals in the state will provide acquate support towards the empowerment of the good people of Abia state.

Personal CDs

Corps Member Builds A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The incessant death of premature babies born in Uzuakoli community of Abia state and its environ can now be averted. This was made possible by the neonatal intensive care unit to the Uzuakoli primary health care centre by Dr. Saka Haruna Audu AB/08A/1935.

the project which is valued at over six hundred thousand Naira (=N=600,000) is made up of radiant warmer, suction machine phototherapy box, oxygen delivery unit, six (6) fluid stands, six(6) paediatric beds, N-G tubes, incubators, generating set and the painting of the wards.

speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the project Dr Saka who the community members gave the Igbo name Obinna "(the father's wish) due to his level of interaction with the community said he was moved to undertake the project because of the study he carried out which showed that over 80% of the premature babies born in the community die due to the absence of a neonatal intensive care facility.

commissioning the project, the state coordinator Mr Ufok Etukudo thanked the corps member for being a worthy ambassador of NYSC in his place of primary assignment, pointing out that such projects done by corps members are what makes NYSC scheme relevant, noting that those who call for the scrapping of the scheme do so out of ignorance. He therefore thanked the sponsor of the project Rt. Hon. Nnenna Elendu Ukaeje, honourable member representing Bende federal constituency, for making funds available to the corps member for the project.

In his own speech, the Medical Director in charge of the Health Centre poured encomium on Dr. Saka for Judiciously using the money given to him adding that he never believed when Dr. Saka hinted me about this project, I told him it was unrealisable but he insisted..." he said.

Speaking on behalf of the community, one of the leaders of thought, said Dr. Saka has done what Napoleon could not do, this is the first time I am seeing a corper doing a thing like this." he said.

Present at the ceremony were dignitaries from the community, corps members, Doctors and Nurses of the health centre and the State Coordinator NYSC Abia accompanied by the DD Operations.


Kudos to NAPTIP CDs

The Commissioner for Youth Development, Mr Uche Ihedinwa and his counterpart, the Commissioner For Women Affairs commended the NYSC members of NAPTIP (NAPTIP CDS) in Abia state for embarking on projects aimed at sensitizing the public on the dangers of human trafficking and child labour and assured them of governments' support and assistance. The commendation and pledge for support came when NAPTIP CDS visited the Offices of the Commissioners at the flag-off of its campaign against Child labour and human trafficking last week. "This administration will stop at nothing in ensuring that human trafficking and child labour are wiped out completely", stated Mr Ihedinwa. He reminded members of the CDS that they are the future leaders of the country and needed to be careful not to be deceived as they go into the wider society. On her part, the Commissioner of Women Affairs, Lady Chinedu Brown pointed out that the NAPTIP CDS project coincides with the aim of her Ministry and that the root cause of the problem is ignorable. She went on to advice parents to join the fight against child labour and human trafficking by ensuring proper up-bringing of their children. Meanwhile, the president of the NAPTIP CDS Mr Nimel Theophilus earlier in his speech explained that the aim of the rally is to expose to the public the danger of child labour and human trafficking.



Okada, the Nigerian name for commercial motorcyclists, is the fastest means of intra-state transportation. The Okada man is also seen as the most reckless and impatient road user, as a result of which so many people have lost their lives, become handicaps and others are left bedridden for the rest of their lives. The question now is, “when a man is riding a motorbike does he sit on his brains or is it natural for him to be reckless?” This question came as a result of the increasing number of motorbike accidents in Nigeria today. In a bid to answer this question, we went on this ride to the Office of the Head of PUBLIC EDUCATION of the FEDERAL ROAD SAFETY COMMISSION, ABIA STATE COMMAND, Mr Ifeanyi Okeke (ACC).

PUB: The issue of the Crash Helmet, what brought about it?

ANS: The head, coordinates or is the coordinator of all the activities of the human body and if damaged, the person in question losses out. This is because the motorbike has just two tires , and he (the rider) is the most exposed road user, thus, the helmet protects the human head from serious damage in the event of an accident.

PUB: Motorcycle Riders in Umuahia use the helmet but their passengers do not use the helmet, why so?

ANS: If a law is introduced it comes in stages, that is the first stage and subsequent stages. In the case of the helmet, it comes in two stages the rider and the passenger. In the first stage the use of the helmet by the rider has to be enforced and in the second stage that of the passenger.

PUB: If in the event of the complete enforcement of this law the passenger refuses to wear the helmet and he is arrested by officials of the commission, who takes the blame?

ANS: Motorbike riders should not carry any passenger who refuses to wear the helmet. It is a well known fact that ignorance of the law is not an excuse and as such if any rider is apprehended, whether he told the passenger to wear the helmet or not would not be the case, all that would be the issue is that the law has been broken and the rider would have to face prosecution.

PUB: The use of the helmet was introduced by the present government. What modalities have been put on ground to make sure that it does not leave with this government when its tenure elapses?

ANS: It is part of the government and it would be sustained no mater what. Armon Ledawel A. AB/08B/0527


A glimpse into the activities of Theatre CDS in Abia State will leave one with a heart full of endless appreciation, no wonder the CDS is synonymous with the word “best”. A trip into the world of Theatre in Abia state has become imperative since the CDS has not only portrayed Abia culture in a positive light Theatrebut has embarked on different projects that touched on the less privilege in the State.

The question that comes to mind when a CDS is presented in this light is; does it deserve such praises? The answer is not far fetched as we take a cursory examination of the activities of this selfless and creative CDS that has entertainment and education as the core of its activities. First in the row is the participation of the CDS in the workshop on Maternal Mortality hosted in Abia State. The three days performance of this great CDS left the audience wondering with their mouth agape as each left the venue of the Workshop with one comment or the other. “Are these performers corps members?”

This particular question became recurrent and popular because many of the audience doubted the background of these corp. members due to the presentation of a global and national issue through the micro Abia culture.

The CDS had before this performance paid a visit to the less privilege and handicap Centre in the state where donations worth thousands of naira were made to the Centre. Theatre CDS has not disappointed Abia State in the various assignments they embarked on to represent the state. The last Zonal competition is a possible point of reference.

Relatively, every thing is in place as the CDS moves to achieve the best result ever as they prepare for the next national competition that is scheduled to hold in Abuja come June.

Adoyi Ali Abah AB/08B/1052


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The community development service group is the aspect of the national service where corps members initiate and execute projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of their host communities. Every corp member must be in one community development group to fullfill this unique mission. It is an expression of your God given talent to the development of mankind.