An Igbo man walked into a bank in America and asked for a loan of $15:00 to pay back in 2 weeks, the bank manager welcomed him and told him he could get the loan, if he meets the requirements like having a colleteral, the Igbo man smiled and said "that is not a problem". After filling the forms, he dropped the keys to his ferrari and as promised he paid back the money in exactly 2 weeks The bank manager was so curious that he went through the mans' financial record and found out that the Igbo man was a very wealthy man, The Bank manager then approached the igbo man and asked "why did you collect a loan of $15:00 when you are a multi-millionaire?", the Igbo man smiled and answered "where else in L.A. can you park your Ferrari and pay only $15:00 for 2 weeks”



Northing works like patience, few can practice it, and of course it is hard to endure.
The man without patience misses the way; wisdom without patience is like a rich garden full of weed.
An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brain.
Impatience brings sorrow, Grief, Discomfort, Sadness and failure. With patience, careful planning, hard work and dedication, success is sure to come one day!
The price of patience is huge. To one, it is time consuming, to others it is delaying, yet it is very necessary.
There is no need to be in haste, everyone needs patience in life.
Remember, the patient dog eats the fattest bone………..