Rebranding Nigeria, Rebranding Ourselves

Rebranding, the most talked about project in our nation today. The first question that should come to every mind is what exactly is "Rebranding”. The oxford definition of rebranding is "changing the image of a company or an organization or one of its products or services by changing its name or by advertising it in a different way".

The Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili recently unveiled a campaign of rebranding Nigeria in the nation's capital, Abuja. This brought about so many negative comments and publications. Though it is to be expected that not every man thinks in the same direction, The freedom of black slaves in the United States of America started as a dream and today not only are they free men and women walking in the streets but also the head of a Nation where color was another means of brutal oppression.

A leader, our leader the Honourable minister, Prof. Dora Akunyili has a dream, it is only fair that we try to be optimistic rather than being skeptical, pointing out all the drawbacks that may or may not be relevant by such a promising project.

Let's take a look into South Africa's rebranding projects. Despite all appearances, it can be argued that no matter how flawed some of the processes might have been, the changes from apartheid-era brand names were made in order to facilitate the creation of better dialogue between the geographic places and the citizens who have to relate to them in their everyday lives. Eventually, it paid off pretty well. Globally, when Africa is being mentioned the first country that comes to every mind is South Africa, this is because of their belief and hard work.

The average Nigerian man is always pointing fingers, seeking for whom to blame. It is vital to adopt a balanced, consultative approach that would effectively remove past negative stigmas while minimizing the alienation of those who are opposed to change.

During an interactive session with reporters in Lagos, the minister had equally underlined her determination to make the Re-branding Nigeria Campaign "to be centered on the that we can operate on the same page with them at every stage of the process. We are currently working out details and will begin a process of interface with the Nigerian people to secure their buy-in.”

When rebranding was launched in the country, it gave me ideas of how much I can do to rebrand myself, rebranding a country doesn't just mean changing slogans and banners, what it really stands for is rebranding oneself, we can't wash the outside of a mug and pretend that the inside is clean, it still is not useable. Rebranding starts with you, if every individual can look inside and find a positive drive in developing self confidence and productiveness, the magic of rebranding can and will work.


Ajuwaya 2009



Ajuwaya 2009

State Coordinator Solicits for more support

The need for more support for the NYSC scheme in the Local Government areas has been re-emphasized. This emphasis was made by the State Coordinator NYSC Abia, Mr. Ufok Etukudo during one of his official visit to the Isiala Ngwa North L.G.A.

State Coordinator

The State Coordinator while addressing the L.G. chairman, Rt. HON. Christopher Emweremudu, who was represented by his Deputy Chief Chinedu Ugoala, thanked the Chairman for taking good care of the corps members posted to him. He however solicited for more support in the area of accommodation for corps members and impress for the office of the Area Inspectors in order to facilitate work in the area office. He however promised to continue providing the needed man power to the Local Government through effective deployment of corps members to the area.

Responding, the Local Government Chairman promised to make more accommodation available to corps members even as he commended the corps members for the good performance in carrying out viable CDs projects. He however, like Oliver Twist requested for the posting of corps doctors and other health personnel to the council's health centers.

The high point of the visit was the One on One meeting with the corps members who among other issue bared their minds under welfare and the entire service year experience in Isiala Ngwa North.

Killing of Albinos on the increase in Tanzania

It has been estimated that more than 40 albinos have been killed for their body parts in Tanzania since 2007. Sometimes this occurred right in front of their families, by gangs of men who hack off their legs, heads or genitals and run away with them.

In the last 2 years, rumours have spread in East Africa that potions made with albino blood and shoes made of albino skin will bring good luck to the users.

Traditional healers told a BBC undercover reporter posing as a business woman, that they could get her an albino corpse for $2000, which is an equivalent of N360,000.

Peter Ash an albino who grew up in Canada founded “UNDER THE SAME SUN” a charity defending albinos and pressuring the Tanzanian government into stopping the killing.

Ideally, a guarded camp where albinos can take refuge would be preferred. But because Tanzania has an estimated 170,000 albinos, this would be a huge undertaking. Prime minister Mizengo Pindo recently took up a case saying that if the police did not act, vigilantes should kill would-be-killers. This led to the protest by human rights groups. Now the government is worried about tourism and its image.

Many Tanzanians with albino children continue to live in fear. In a country where the average income is $800 a year, selling albino parts is a lot of temptation.

Meet corps members that are presently serving or have served in ABIA STATE.



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