Thank you NYSC
"WAR" a mingy three letter word that destroys life, properties and dreams. What is responsible for war? Some people are always on the look for a reason to create a violent misunderstanding, for example;
*Racial- I am white and you are black, we breath in the same air and the same red blood flows through our veins but I don't like your colour.
*Ethnic- I am Hausa and you are Igbo i don't like your tongue.
*Religion- I go to the mosque and you go to church, although we serve the same God i don't like the way you worship.
Others include politics, this list goes on and on. Some of the causes of war are artificial and deliberate while others are misunderstanding, misguide and ignorance. No one is completely safe from the terror of war but we can prevent the agonizing tragedy of it.
The greatest problem we have is putting aside our differences and moving on, this is just like sweeping dirt and putting it underneath the carpet, like it or not that hip of dirt gathered will have an effect sooner or later. We shouldn't forget or set aside our differences but understand them. Not every man cherish the treasure of another man but we can learn to respect the beliefs, culture and tradition of one another.
The NYSC scheme brings together people from different background, religion, tribe and different nature (excessively neat and very clumsy) to live together for 3 weeks after which the corps members will be sent out on a quest to serve our fatherland for 11 months. They are so many people that have lived all their life in certain region, this scheme opens up avenues for them to live among other people in different part of the country.
The NYSC scheme does not mark the end of your school year, it is simply a ground for receiving and transferring social knowledge, its a network of exchanging information and exploring new talents.
As the Batch "A" corps members match out of camp and into the cities/villages, we pray for them all the best and hope they embrace the spirit of brotherhood with a clear mind and teach their culture to the understanding of their immediate environment, only so can we stand as one Nation and defeat any form of discrimination.
Awwal Abbas