GROW: The Children Ministers Conference

Training the Trainer for better Ministry

GROW: The Children Ministers Conference is an annual conference that aims to shape, nurture, and equip today's Children's Ministry leaders/teachers for continuing service in the kingdom of God, expanding their knowledge and tools base for ministry with and to children.

The training/conference is set to equip and empower Children Ministers, giving them among other things:

  • A new sense of direction and purpose
  • New ideas on how to minister to young people
  • New ways to build a children Ministry team
  • How to support and sustain ministries with children
  • New ways to reach and teach children
  • How to enrich children's faith development and learning
  • How to expand opportunities for children to reach out in mission and ministry
  • How to extend the Gospel, by God's grace, to the next generation
  • How to ensure no child is deprived of knowing and experiencing the love of Jesus

Watch out for more details on GROW 2013 coming up Nov 1 & 2

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